Vintage furniture hire

At ‘The Poppy Trading Company’, we provide beautiful, unique vintage furniture to brides, event planners, photographers, designers and stylists looking for something to give their event originality and style.

Constantly growing the collection, Oliver spends any spare time travelling up and down the country looking for the next piece of one-of-a-kind furniture ready for your special day.

We can provide wonderfully chic wooden mis-matched chairs for your ceremony or reception, as well as gorgeous decorative items that will add something special to your big day.

Whether you need a few small additions to add that special something to your décor, or you need a full styling service to completely theme your occasion, Poppy Trading can help.

About The Poppy Trading Company
vintage gramophone to hire Unique Vintage Rentals About Oliver (and Poppy!)

Oliver started the Poppy Trading Company out of love for working with vintage and antique furniture. He just loves finding and buying furniture from all sorts of fayres, junk shops, sales and auction rooms around the country. He’s nearly always covered in dust and paint from working on furniture in his workshop, and has a wonderful family to rely on for help and opinions on his latest purchases.

Oliver has a wonderful wife Charlotte and a beautiful baby boy, who couldn't be more supportive of him and the business, stoically enduring the living room temporarily becoming a workshop most weekends after a furniture sale. We got married in April 2013, and were planning our DIY wedding for some time, so we know the importance of styling a big event just right, and so will be able to help you turn a standard venue into something special for your big day.

The company is named after Poppy the Golden Retriever. As much as he’d love to, Oliver can’t keep any pieces of his collection at home because of little Poppy and her eagerness to chew anything wooden into pieces as quick as possible. Still, she has the puppy dog look perfected, and we love her to bits, even if she is a nightmare sometimes!

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