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Mismatched Chairs and Rustic Wooden Trestle Tables

Wooden Benches

Vintage Furniture

Delivery & Collection

New for 2015, we’ve finally built our long awaited wooden benches. Each one has been hand built from recycled scaffold planks, to create a beautifully rustic bench, perfectly suited to our trestle tables.

We currently have enough benches to seat 100 people, with each bench comfortably seating 3 people.

Prices for a 2 day hire (i.e. Friday PM - Sun AM)

£14.00 / 3-seat bench

Our benches also have folding legs, so if you need to move any away after the meal, they’ll fold down nice and neat and out of the way to make room for all that dancing!

We’ve spent the last 3 years searching the country high and low to bring you our collection of nearly 400 beautiful vintage chairs. From 1940’s Air Ministry chairs, to 70’s style kitchen chairs, our carefully chosen selection is just the right blend of styles and colour tones for that unique mismatched look.

And to complement our beautiful chairs, we have some gorgeous 6ft long wooden trestle tables. Perfect for use with or without tables clothes, each table comfortably sits 6 people.

Prices for a 2 day hire (i.e Fri PM - Sun AM)

100+ Chairs       - £3.75 / chair

75 - 99 Chairs    - £4.00 / chair

50 - 74 Chairs    - £4.25 / chair

Up to 49 Chairs  - £4.50 / chair

Wooden Trestle Tables - £12.00/ table

Depending on availability, we may not be able to offer hire for under 50 chairs during peak weekends. Due to demand, tables can only be hired along with chairs.

All that dancing takes it out of you! So why not relax in style, with our beautiful (and comfortable!) Vintage furniture. From shabby armchairs, to antique sofas, we have something for every taste.

Prices for individual pieces are shown at the bottom of the pictures in the gallery to the left, along with some lovely pictures of our furniture out and about at weddings last year.

For a relaxed informal seating area, we’d recommend 2 small sofas, 2 armchairs and a coffee table.

As these are all unique pieces of furniture, availability is very limited, especially for summer dates so book now to avoid disappointment!

(Minimum hire of £200 for furniture hire excluding delivery).

We are based in the East Midlands, ideally suited to cover all of the UK.

Our delivery cost is based on mileage, so if you get in touch for a quote, please include a rough venue postcode to help us calculate an accurate delivery price.

You’re also more than welcome to collect furniture yourself form our storehouse. All we ask is that you don't send a courier (they don't look after our stuff very well!) and that you have the correct level of insurance in place. Please get in touch for more details.


Q - When will you deliver and collect furniture?

     We normally try to deliver to you the day before and collect again the day after your event. On peak weekends, we may have to extend this a day either side again, but we’ll always do our best to work around the needs of you and your venue.

Q - How do I book?

     Fantastic, you’re ready to book! We’ll need a 50% deposit to secure your furniture in the diary, along with a signed booking form for our records. Payments can be made via bank transfer (BACs). The remaining balance will be due 2 weeks before delivery.

Q - How big are your tables and chairs?

     Our tables are 6ft long and 2.5ft wide. They seat 6 people comfortably. All of our chairs are a suitable size and shape for dining at any standard sized table. It tough for us to give exact measurements obviously as there are so many different chairs, but rest assured they are all a standard adult size.

Q- We haven't finalised the guests list, can I add more or remove chairs/tables/benches nearer the time?

     Yes, that's fine, as long as your numbers don't change drastically, and its always subject to availability. We’ll need to know for certain 2 weeks before delivery, that way, we can amend the final invoice up or down as required. However, we wont refund any more than a 15% reduction in chair numbers (for example, if your ordered 100 chairs, then reduce this number to 60, you’ll still be charged for 85 chairs).

Q - What happens if I break something?

    It happens, and we appreciate that due to the nature of our furniture (being older, shabby etc etc) that it cant always be avoided. In the first instance, we’ll do our best to repair the piece. If we cant fix it, we will have to invoice you for the cost of replacement. Broken or lost mismatched/dining chairs are charged at £30 each, tables at £40 each, and the soft furnishings are their full hire price (up to £100).

Q - I don’t like some of the chairs on your website. Can I pick and choose which ones we get?

     We’ll do our very best to accommodate you if you really don't like a particular chair, but this is always subject to availability. If you’d rather avoid a particular colour, this is easier to do, so just let us know.

Q - Can I cancel my booking.

     Your 50% deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your event. If you cancel before your final balance is due, you wont be invoiced for the remaining balance, but as stated before, your booking deposit is non-refundable.

Q - Do you have a showroom / can we come and see the furniture before we book?

     We don't have a showroom, but you’re more than welcome to come and visit to see the furniture for yourself at our storage facility. Just send me and email and we can arrange a suitable time.

Our Terms and Condition can be found here. Please take the time to read these before booking. By making a booking and paying your deposit, you agree to all of the terms and conditions without exception.